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Welcome to Experian Gazette

Keeping up to date with the businesses you deal with is essential in today’s market. Your customers’ circumstances can change without warning. With a high cost on corporate misrepresentation for Irish businesses each year, there’s never been a more urgent time to ensure you’re always aware of changes in your customer’s business activities and financial status.

Why do I need the Gazette?

The Gazette from Experian is an early-warning system that gives you better control over your accounts and your credit terms, helping you make the safest business decisions.

The service ensures you’re always kept informed on adverse changes to your customers’ and prospects’ business circumstances, including:

  • Judgements
  • Satisfactions
  • Bankruptcies
  • Legal Notices
  • Strike offs
  • Reinstated Companies
  • New Companies
  • Mortgages & Charges

Peace of Mind

Companies need to ensure they are protected against late payments, have a robust credit management policy and monitor new and existing clients for changes in circumstance that could affect how and when your company gets paid.

Data from Experian shows that over 14,000 businesses were dissolved last year. The question is: Are you protected from the hit on your cash flow if you are exposed to these companies?

With all relevant court notices in one place, the Experian Gazette will quickly become an integral part of your processes that you use to help you reduce risk by highlighting where your ledger may be exposed to bad debt.

With access to all of this information you can positively affect your cash flow, while also prioritising collections and updating credit agreements.

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